Why I'm Running

After discussions with many friends and supporters, my family and my pastor, I have decided to run for Mayor. I want to take the experience and skills developed during my 13 years at the Board of Aldermen and continue to make a contribution to St. Louis. 

In St. Louis, everyone in our city has something to offer and every neighborhood matters.  

Over the last few years, with the help of many people, we were able to bring after-school programs to help enhance recreation and learning opportunities for youth.  We fought together to make sure there were more police officers and firefighters on the street.  We passed legislative reforms to limit bureaucratic waste at city hall and close the funding gap during the recent economic crisis.

We were able to accomplish these things, not because we agreed on all the issues, but because we worked hard and brought out the best in St. Louis.  

Today, St. Louis suffers from serious problems. Crime and safety are an increasing concern in our neighborhoods. Parents no longer believe our public school system can meet their children’s needs. The problems of unemployment and lack of viable jobs for our local economy is now more than ever at a critical level.

This race is not about me; it's about the citizens of this great city and their future.  I want each and every person who lives here to have pride in St. Louis.  I want our citizens to travel to other parts of the country and the world and say with enthusiasm, "I'm from St. Louis!"

I can't do this without you. My opponent has granted a lot of favors to folks with big pockets resulting in an obscene amount of campaign cash.  Our campaign will run on energy and determination of people -- people like you who will not accept anything less than the best from our city.


Lewis Reed

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