Climate change is not fake news. We need to spread awareness on the importance of climate change and educate our community. I am proud to be taking serious actions now to address our greenhouse gas emissions, improve our City’s health, create jobs and help make energy efficiency standards affordable for all residents of the City

In 2017, I led the City of St. Louis to become the first city in the Midwest to commit to 100 % clean energy.

Committed to 100% Clean Energy. In 2017, I sponsored Resolution 124 which called for City operations to transition to 100 percent clean energy in the form of wind and solar and energy efficiency measures within the electricity sector by 2035. Since then, I have formed an Advisory Board to lead a transparent and inclusive stakeholder process which includes community members as well as representatives from organizations representing labor, faith, social justice, environmental justice, frontline communities and more to develop a plan with the following components - equality, jobs, health and cost effectiveness.

Updated our building codes. I led efforts to update the City’s building codes. Because of that legislation, we became the first municipality in the region – and one of the first nationwide – to adopt the 2018 suite of codes by the International Code Council (ICC). The new codes are a major upgrade from the 2009 codes previously being used in the City and significantly improve energy-efficiency requirements for new residential and commercial buildings as well as major renovations.

Founded Bike St. Louis. As an avid cyclist, I knew we needed to find a safer way for our riders in the City. That’s why I founded Bike St. Louis, a bike lane program that promotes active and civic wellness throughout the City of St. Louis. Today, it has over 130 miles of bike path throughout the City and County.

Supported Bike Share Programs for the City. I supported legislation that creates regulations for bike share companies in St. Louis. By implementing these modes of transportation for our residents, they have increased access to jobs and education, as well as to landmarks, parks, trails and shopping districts. They not only benefit our citizens but also our visitors.

Anti-Idling Law. In 2008, I drafted and passed ordinance 68137 which bans the idling of vehicles for more than five minutes. The no idling policy promotes turning off vehicles that are not moving. Even though they are not moving, idling vehicles still create exhaust, which contributes to the formation of ozone smog and harmful particulate matter and can negatively affect lung growth and development in children. Also, idling vehicles waste fuel and increase unnecessary wear and tear on the vehicle's engine.

Paris Climate Agreement. In June 2017, President Trump decided to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. In response, I introduced Resolution 35 that took a stand against his decision and vowed to stand with other cities and implement our climate goals based upon the guidelines of the agreement throughout the City of St. Louis.

ONESTL Plan. For years, I have served on the Board of Directors of the East West Gateway Council of Government. Within that role, I had a role in the development of the ONESTL Plan. This plan was developed through a three-year collaborative process. It provides a regional framework for sustainable development that citizens, non-profit organizations, businesses, and local governments can use to make better use of resources and better meet the aspirations and needs of residents. As partners throughout the region use the plan, they will update and revise it based on what they have learned as they improve their communities.

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